CSI Technology to Solve Human Bite-Related Cases

Human-BiteMany times, human bites have been challenged in the court rooms, and numerous times, it had happened that culprits is set free as lawyer and police officials are not able to prove his crime.

Now, no more as New Zealand researchers have come across a new CSI-style techniques, which is able to trap any sort of bacteria that can come across due to human bite marks. Lead researcher Geoffrey Tompkins, who is a senior lecturer in the Otago University, was of the view that their development will prove quite helpful in solving some tedious tasks.

"It appears that each person's mouth has a unique collection of bacteria with their own distinct genotype, so the bacterial DNA profiles could potentially be matched and used as evidence”, affirmed Tompkins.

Jill Vintiner, who is associated with Environmental Science and Research (ESR), was of the view that he has gone through the research findings and it seems that the research has a lot of scope in solving such cases.

Main advantage of the development will be that it is capable of tracking even dead bacteria. Tompkins asserted that a lot many things need to be done, before the development can be publicized and bring into use.