Hypoallergenic Dogs, the Real Solution?

Hypoallergenic Dogs, the Real Solution?All those readers, who are convinced and have the allergy-friendly dog as their pet thinking that it will produce lesser dander and saliva and is healthier choice to serve them as their pet then it's time that they give this news a read and learn the facts.

Researchers and experts are claiming that the people living with allergies must now start looking beyond this wishful thinking.

They explained that Hypoallergenic canines that includes breeds like the labradoodle and poodle and are thought to be healthier choice for people with allergies actually carry more allergy-causing protein in their fur.

These allergy-friendly pets though shed less fur, scientists say the allergy-causing protein that they carry in their fur fills the air in the home with same amount of allergenic proteins.

Above findings were published in a report in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. Scientists studying the animals confirm equal dangers to people with allergies no matter they have allergy-frienly pets or dogs without the label.

Mr. Simon Brodie of Lifestyle Pets, a controversial U. S.-based company business for hypoallergenic cats and dogs said that "There is a lot of hearsay. I've had many people call up and say, `We have a Labradoodle and we had it for ten days and had to send it back"'.