Fasters Tend to Eat More Carbos

Fasters Tend to Eat More CarbosA group of researchers at the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell has studied and found that overnight fasters often tend to consume high-calorie carbohydrates at first when they come to end up with their fasts.

It is being said by the team that hunger has an adverse impact on choice of foods. And people develop a habit of skipping foods either because of a busy schedule or wit5h an aim to lose weight.

A study had been conducted by the researchers, which has been published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Around 128 students were enrolled in the same from the Cornell University, who all were divided into two groups.

While one group was asked to eat in a normal routine, the other group was asked not to have anything after 6 in the evening. It was then found that higher rates of those who were made to fast tended to go for French fries, chicken or the dinner rolls. However, the other group consumed fewer calories by 47%.

"I think this emphasizes the importance of controlling your environment as far as the types of foods you're exposed to when you're hungry and how much of them you can get," Aner Tal, a postdoctoral research associate says.