Former Heavy Smoker Supports Ban on Colorful Cigarette Packages

Former Heavy Smoker Supports Ban on Colorful Cigarette PackagesSmoking has always been a major cause behind increasing mortality rates around the world, each year many lives are lost due to the habit. It's hard to quit smoking and lead a normal life, but it's not impossible, all it needs is a strong will power and faith in oneself.

Somewhat similar is the case of Rachel Hayward, who herself was a heavy smoker and lost her husband, mother and father-in-law due to lung cancer.

However, now this 45-year-old lady and her son Jack, 15, are encouraging people to quit smoking. They are trying to influence majority of the people to stand up for a cause and support Cancer Research UK's major campaign, which aims at banning the colorful cigarette packages.

Mrs. Hayward exclaimed that she is supporting the cause because she lost her loved ones due to smoking and its ill-effects. Moreover, all her family members died at an age of just 45 - 46.

She affirmed she used to smoke heavily, even after her husband died. She used to smoke almost 40 cigarettes a day. However, soon after she had hypnotherapy, after which she understood that she was herself ruining her life.

She said, "My husband deteriorated a lot towards the end. He was diagnosed in the September and he died in the December, it was awful".