Non-British People More Connected With British Society

muslimWhile it is believed by many that those who are living in Britain but not born there cannot connect with the British society, a new research has claimed that it is not that case. Instead, they were found to be more linked with the concept of Britishness. It has been claimed by a team from the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex.

For the research, some 40,000 British households were thoroughly studied and were put through a series of questions about their perception about being British. It was claimed in the study which was titled Understanding Society that those born in India, Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Middle east are more likely to understand the concept of being British as compared to those who where actually born and brought up there.

“Our research shows that people we might assume would feel very British, in fact do not - while others who we might assume would not associate themselves with feelings of ‘Britishness,’ in fact do”, said Dr. Alita Nandi, who was among the researchers.

Apparently, it was found that a considerable number of White Brits could not connect with the concept of “being British”, unlike those who are living there, but born somewhere else.