Mental Health Inpatient Unit’s Ward No. 27 Reopened

Mental Health Inpatient Unit’s Ward No. 27 ReopenedAfter spending $7.8 million on the restoration of a site to good condition, Ward 27 (Te Whare o Matairangi) was reopened this Monday. The Capital & Coast District Health Board reopened the Ward. The refurbishment of the Ward including expert's advice, also views of customers and other community organizations, medical organizations and staff, people related to management side.

It has been reported that Te Whare O Matairangi was introduced in order to provide services to all those people with mental health problems, who cannot be looked after at home. It is a major mental health inpatient unit, which lays emphasis on restoring the state of the patient to normal, so that they can at least carry out their daily activities and further mix up in the community.

It has been highlighted that refurbishment project that lasted for 14 months has led to the development of a new unit, which is well-equipped with 29 beds and has been divided into two sections: an acute side (locked area) and an open side (unlocked area).

Apart from that in both the sections, there are separate divisions for males and females, especially in case of sleeping areas. However, to help them adjust them in a community, a shared area has also been planned out.