Survey Findings Urged Vets to Roll out Campaign for Gum Problems in Dogs

Survey Findings Urged Vets to Roll out Campaign for Gum Problems in DogsAfter acknowledging that majority of dogs after the age of three experience gum problems, a dental awareness campaign has been rolled out across the nation.

Findings of a study published in Veterinary Radiology journal suggested that figures depict that four out of five dogs have gum problems above the age of three in Europe and Australia, accounting for almost 80% of dogs suffering from the condition.

The findings urged Dentastix dog chew brand to carry out a survey in New Zealand. The survey reports also exhibited results, which were similar to those revealed by the study reports.

The Dentastix survey reports highlighted: "61 % of New Zealand dog owners did not brush their dog's teeth at all, while 55 % affirmed they did not realize they had to and 15 % saying their dogs did not like it".

More worse was that 90% of the owners found it hard to believe that their pets were suffering from gum problems.

However, it was exclaimed that if the gum problem was not treated in time, then bacteria causing the infection, could infect the blood stream and could thus lead to major health ailments, including heart failure, kidney failure and also liver failure and ultimately death.