Gum Disease Affects Kiwi Dogs

Gum Disease Affects Kiwi DogsA recent research has shed light on how Kiwi dogs are getting affected by gum disease, thereby some 80% such dogs over the age of three losing their tooth, or suffering from abscesses and bone infection. It has been claimed in a recent survey done that there were as many as 61% dog owners who don't brush their dog teeth at all, while some 55% were not even aware of this practice and some 15% aren't interested in doing the same.

With July being celebrated as Doggie Dental Month, it is believed that more awareness needs to be spread in the same context. There is need for people to accept and understand that dogs do need dental care and being owners of dogs, they must do whatever possible to make sure that dogs are being kept healthy overall.

"Owners should be checking their pet's teeth regularly. They need to prise open their mouth gently, pull back their gums and check along each tooth and its adjacent gum line", said Stoke Veterinary Clinic director Joyce Balance, while claiming that dog owners must remain alert about red and sore gums of their dogs. There is need that more and more awareness about dental care of dogs is spread.