Researchers Claim To Have Found Genes Linked to Arthritis

Researchers Claim To Have Found Genes Linked to ArthritisResearchers have made a major breakthrough with their claims of finding several new genes linked to arthritis. If the findings are to be believed then the medical industry can soon have some very new drugs as a treatment to the problem of arthritis.

The new discovery has come from the researchers at Newcastle University, who confirmed that they have founded eight new genes linked to the osteoarthritis condition.

Researchers compared genetic codes of approx 7,400 people (patients of severe arthritis) to 11,000 healthy people. They detected the genes immediately that they noticed were common in people suffering from the disease.

They said that the genes founded have been noticed to be a good source of carrying the risks of the problem by between 11 percent and 20 percent.

This research has stretched the list of genes linked to arthritis to 11 genes, which all can be used to develop some new and effective drugs for the treatment of the problem, experts said.

The above findings were published online in The Lancet medical journal.

Lead author Mr. John Loughlin, Professor of musculoskeletal research at Newcastle University, said: "We know that osteoarthritis runs in families and that this is due to the genes that people pass on, rather than their shared environment".