Paul Burstow Stands Against Dementia

Paul Burstow Stands Against DementiaConcerning the increasing cases of dementia every year, the problem has now become one of the major issues that many governments are trying to deal with urgently. With same perspective, Care Services Minister, Mr. Paul Burstow, has also recently called for improvements in the regional variation in the diagnosis rates of the problem.

While speaking at the launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group, the minister discussed the Dementia's report `Unlocking Diagnosis: The key to improving the lives of people with dementia'.

He showed his support to the report's findings and agreed that the region seeks immediate awareness on the importance of getting early as well as accurate diagnosis to finish this problem from its roots. He added about introducing some new plans to develop tools that could help make dementia services better and so the care given to such people.

Statements from Care Services Minister, Mr. Paul Burstow said: "While there is no cure for dementia, we know that early diagnosis and early intervention can help people take control of their condition and plan for the future".

He appreciated work of some areas and institutes regarding the issue but also requested many others to lend equally better support and efforts to see good results.