Full Term Delivery Also Fails to Meet the Complete Brain Development requirements

Full Term Delivery Also Fails to Meet the Complete Brain Development requirementsIf your baby is born full term even then he could lack behind a little in his school test scores. Confused? Let's see what the researchers have to say about it.

It is generally seen that kids that born prematurely are more prone to slow brain development. And therefore doctors suggest mothers to complete their full term of 37 to 41 weeks before delivering the child. But according to researchers, a few more days above the full term of an infant matters a lot in his future development and success. Just a couple of extra weeks in the womb and your child can be blessed with a drastic difference in his abilities and mental status.

For conducting this study, a group of few 8 year olds was analyzed. Among them, some were full-term deliveries and rest came out from their mother's womb after a week or two. When their school results were compared, it was found that the vast group of full-term delivery children performed a little weaker than those who were born a quite later. Though the difference was small, it existed.

As said by Dr. Kimberly Noble, who is the lead author on the new study from Columbia University Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Hospital in New York, "Certainly the vast majority of 37-weekers and 41-weekers would end up developing typically".