Marie Curie Holds 10K Walk in UK

Marie Curie Holds 10K Walk in UKMarie Curie Cancer Care has been continuing to move on for cancer patients so as to reduce the number of deaths happening each year as well as provide free care to sufferers.

A recent report finds that yet again a `Walk Ten' event is being organized by the charity at Margam Country Park. The event would be taking place on Saturday, August 4.

UK has been incessantly seeing a large series of such events in different regions of the nation, to which this is another one. Being sponsored by HomeServe, a home emergency insurer, the walks would not only ask people to cover the 10k summer distances, but would also be having music and fireworks.

Also, it has been told that picnics would be held afterwards with lots of celebrations. The charity has been urging all readers to sign up with it and help it raise as much as possible. Only £10 would enable a person to register himself with the charity.

As per the findings, the donations help Marie Curie Nurses to provide free home care to those extremely ill. Also, those admitted at the Marie Curie Hospice in Penarth are also offered free services by these nurses.

The events would further also be held in 24 other areas, the report says.