60% Dementia Patients Living Undiagnosed

DementiaIn a shocking revelation, it was revealed that 60% of the dementia patients living in the UK have never got their condition checked. An investigation was taken out by All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Dementia, and they revealed other appalling news that the waiting times for dementia patients was one of the highest in the countries.

The investigation revealed that waiting times varied from one week to one year and in some cases, it exceeded more than one year. Paul Burstow, who is the Minister for Care Service was of the view, “Some areas are doing fantastic work but there is still too much regional variation. That is why we are driving forward measures to improve the quality of memory services”.

Department of Health was of the view that they have been working hard on improving waiting times, but it will take some time. They further affirmed that one of the main aims of Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge is to improve waiting times.

Some other aims of the challenge is to raise awareness about dementia and that can be done by explaining the cause and symptoms of the disease and the ways by which it can be prevented and reduced in patients case.