Legal Action Taken Against Hospital over Hepatitis C Outbreak

Legal Action Taken Against Hospital over Hepatitis C OutbreakRecent reports suggest that legal action has been taken against New Hampshire's Exeter Hospital, after outbreak of hepatitis C. It has been reported that people have taken a class action and have affirmed that the outbreak has adversely affected the cardiac catheterization lab of the hospital.

Previous reports suggest that this Monday, the New Hampshire Department of Health declared that 27 people had been diagnosed with the disease, while they were getting the catheter inserted in the laboratory.

Further, it has been administered that the out of the total infected patients, one of them is a hospital employee. Moreover, 12 other infected are stated to be infected by a strain different from the one that caused the outbreak.

It has been recovered that in total, 59 patients have taken a legal action against the hospital, out of which 49 are stated to be class actions and 12 others are administered to be filed by individuals. It has been revealed that the cases of outbreak were registered in the month of May and June.

State health officials said, “The outbreak was most likely the result of drug diversion by a hospital employee”. They emphasized that drug diversion has become a major concern amongst hospital staff, where they use prescribed drugs for purposes other than medical ones.