Dogs Are Babies’ New Friends

Dogs Are Babies’ New FriendsIn a recent research, it has been claimed that babies who have dogs around them are less likely to suffer from ear infections and other respiratory problems. It has been claimed in a research published in the US journal Pediatrics that a child’s immune system gets a boost with dogs around for the first year of a baby’s life.

Even cats were found to have such effects, dogs are still preferred over them. it was found by a team led by experts at Kuopio University Hospital in Finland that such babies were reported to have 30% less chance of falling victim to respiratory and 50% less chance of having an ear infection.

The research involved some 397 children in Finland. “If children had dog or cat contacts at home, they were significantly healthier during the study period”, said the authors of the research. It was also found during the research that children didn’t feel the need of regular courses of antibiotics as compared to those who were living in pet-free households.

There is need to extend the research further so that a lot more is able to made known as the connection between the two is found to be weak.