Girls have Higher Math Anxiety than Boys

Math-AnxietyEnglish researchers have discovered from their recent study that girls suffer more from math anxiety than boys.

But yes, note it these findings nowhere prove that girls are behind boys in the subject but both the genders are performing equally well in the subject.

The large study tracked a big number of youngsters in school and confirmed that girls are more afraid of math plague than boys.

The study was run by the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. It has clearly shown evidences stating that the mathematics anxiety is not gender neutral. They noticed girls to be at higher fear and discomfort levels while solving long division, algebra, and such similar mathematical equations.

Above findings were published on Monday in the online journal, Behavioral and Brain Functions. Researchers noticed approx 433 British secondary students of standards 7th, 8th, and 10th and their mathematical skills. They noticed anxiety related to math in both the genders but the levels were higher in the performance of girls than boys.

“Girls may have had the potential to outperform boys in maths, but their higher levels of [mathematics anxiety] may have attenuated their performance,” the researchers wrote in the journal.