Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis Patients to Be Out Soon

Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis Patients to Be Out Soon It has been reported that patients suffering with arthritis would soon be treated with stem cell therapy. The arthritis is an incurable disease at present. However, it is believed that within a few weeks, the disease will become curable with the help of stem cell therapy.

Previous studies have shown that the stem cell therapy is effective in treating osteoarthritis in pets. The findings of the studies have forced the researchers to believe that the same therapy could help arthritis' patients.

Researchers are of the view that the stem cell therapy would help in reducing the inflammation caused by the disease. Moreover, it would also postpone the need of getting knee replacement for another 10 to 20 years.

It is also believed that if the treatment is provided to patients at an early stage then it might become possible for treating patients with arthritis. It has reported that about six million people in the UK are bearing the pain of osteoarthritis. It is hoped that the treatment would soon become available for the patients.

The Chief Executive of Arthritis Care, Judith Brodie, said, "While the long-term effects are unknown, and there should be caution due to the early stage of development, Arthritis Care welcomes progress in treating this painful condition".