4 Other Legal Highs Banned in New Zealand

4 Other Legal Highs Banned in New ZealandIt was last year that the New Zealand Government said that they need to control the trade related to legal highs. Initially, 28 substances were being banned and now the count has reached to 50, after four more substances have been banned.

All the drugs have been banned on temporary basis and will remain in the same stature till the Temporary Class Drug Notices does not get a parliamentary approval. The approval will make it compulsory for the manufacturers to show evidence that all the substances are safe and cane be put on for sale.

The Associate Health Minister, Peter Dunne, said that they adopted stricter role in regard to the concept and has even warned that strict action will be taken against them, if they will be found indulging in the trade.

“My advice is don't become involved in the supply of any products containing synthetic cannabis substances and people should also think twice before consuming products”, further affirmed Dunne.

The authorities concerned have revealed that any of the banned substance cannot be sold or bought on internet or through retail medium. Strict action will be taken against people, if they will be found indulging in the same, said Dunne.