Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Haunts Children’s Development

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Haunts Children’s DevelopmentThere is no doubt that women during pregnancy must avoid drinking alcohol, a recent report showed what kind of affects it can have on such kids. It has been claimed by Horohoro primary school Principal Pat Newman that he himself has witnessed three children a year dealing with foetal alcohol syndrome.

The worst part is that such kids struggle badly to develop basically skills like counting, thereby making it clear that the dire effects women’s drinking habit are being borne by kids at later stage of their life.

"If it's an offence to slap a child, then I think it should be an offence to put a child, whether they're born or unborn, into a situation where they are going to be affected for the rest of their life to the degree that alcohol does”, said the Northland school principal, who is of the view that drinking is as equally punishable as child abuse or any criminal offence is.

Moreover, Children's Commissioner Russell Wills has also raised the same issue in his submission on Thursday to a Parliamentary health committee, thereby voicing his concern over the scar of foetal alcohol syndrome. He has also suggested reviewing minimum price regime for alcohol, which Prime Minister John Key believes cannot make any significant difference in making one quit the habit.