Sheffield Residents Urged To Donate Organs

Sheffield Residents Urged To Donate OrgansSheffield residents are being urged to come up in huge numbers and help save lives of several others by registering themselves with national organ donor. It has been reported that a well-renowned surgeon of the city, Badri Shrestha, has been asking out people to become donor.

Badri Shrestha is a part of a team and consultant transplant surgeon at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, where each year an estimated of 60 kidney transplants are accomplished.

Mr. Shrestha highlighted the importance of transplantation by notifying that increases the survival rates and also enhances the quality of life of the patient as well as their family.

This week has been declared as National Transplant Week. It has been exclaimed that as many as 205 patients in South Yorkshire alone are leading a miserable life, as they spending their life in hope of being donated an organ.

As soon as these patients will get a suitable donor, they will be removed from their dialysis. Mr. Shrestha said, “If we leave patients with organ failure their quality of life is severely compromised. Just 25 % of people in South Yorkshire are on the donor register”.

Moreover, he asserted that they are facing major problems as in 45% of the cases, family members cannot even donate organs.