Nurse Calls For Organ Donors

Nurse Calls For Organ DonorsThere is no doubt the organ donation has become a contentious issue for countries around the world and perhaps that’s what is making a specialist nurse at Airedale Hospital coming forward to persuade people to sign up the national organ donor register.

Rachel Wiseman is reported to be spreading information about the same tomorrow at the hospital itself by standing up an information stand. There is need for such initiatives to be promoted as well with National Transplant Awareness Week coming.

Some 8,000 people nationally looking for a suitable organ donor, while some 1,000 are likely to die after losing their patience for organ donors. There is need to understand the severity of the issue before things reach beyond repair.

“We are working hard to raise awareness of organ donation and encourage people to sign up to the donor register, not only within the trust but also in the community”, said Rachel, who claimed that despite efforts there is still lot to be done to bridge the gap between supply and demand. As per Government recommendations, though efforts are being made by Airedale Hospital, it would be worth seeing if things would improve in the time to come or not.