Research Unveils “Substance P” Behind Pain

Research Unveils “Substance P” Behind PainA recent research has shed light on substance P, which is found to have a key role in tissue healing after a temporary block of blood flow. It has been claimed “substance P”, is released by nerves after one goes through injury, or chemical or heat pain. As soon as the levels of substance P were increased, it was found that bone marrow releases substance P-sensitive cells.

The research was carried out by a team comprising of University of Bristol and University College London, the IRCCS MultiMedica, University of Udine and the University of Ferrara, Italy. The study got the financial backing from the European Union and the British Heart Foundation.

For the research, trails were done on mice. Firstly, they looked for the presence of pain sense nerves pain sense nerves and later, they tracked how mouse bone marrow cells responded to substance P.

Published in the peer-reviewed medical journal Circulation, the research failed to track down heart attack recovery and survival, which could have made the research all the more authentic. However, the team is of the view that there are fair chances that the evidences available might be able to explore a lot more about the CRUSADE Quality Improvement Initiative, as per which, morphine was found to be connected with higher mortality in patients with acute coronary syndrome.