Environmental Factors Influence Genes’ Work in Twins

Though it is believed since decades that identical twins work in same manner and Environmental Factors Influence Genes’ Work in Twinshave same set of genes, a group of scientists from the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI) in Melbourne, Australia, says that it is partially true.

It is being affirmed by the team that despite being in the same womb and sharing same genes, two identical twins often realize genes working distinctly.

The group had carried out a study with the help of some tissues that are known to be specific in each twin. Testing the DNA of twin kids, whether identical or not, it was found that the placenta and umbilical cords or even cord blood were playing significant roles in varying their genes' functions.

It has been told that while not after, but before birth, these tissues are affected by environmental factors further affecting genes to act differently. Also, this difference is responsible for their different health conditions in later life.

The process called epigenetics occurring inside the body switches off or on the genes, thereby increasing or decreasing one twin's risk of diabetes or heart disease.

"Our study is showing that there are factors that are almost beyond our control", said Dr. Jeff Craig, MCRI researcher.