Washington MP Backs Drive against Ovarian Cancer

ovarian-cancerThere is no doubt that ovarian cancer must be taken serious and awareness for the same must be spread too. On the same lines, Washington and Sunderland West’s Sharon Hodgson has come out to back the awareness drives so that women can be made aware about the severity of the disease.

It has further been said by the MP that they have been told by the Department of Health on Wednesday to make ovarian cancer part of its symptoms awareness programme, Be Clear on Cancer. “Around 6,500 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year, but many of them don’t see a doctor until it is too late to treat because they don’t associate the symptoms with cancer”, said Mrs. Hodgson.

Expressing his satisfaction with the decision made, she claimed that she is expecting a lot from the drove, which might be able to reduce preventable deaths in the time to come. There is dire need to make one and all understand that early detection of the disease can make things a lot better for women. They need to shed their inhibitions to reach out to the cure they deserve.

With the AN MB backing such moves, it would be worth seeing how things go from here on for the betterment of women, who as of now are under the risk of ovarian cancer.