Active Gamers Eat Slightly less than Video Gamers

Active Gamers Eat Slightly less than Video GamersIt has always been said that outdoor games are better than playing indoor games, especially video games. One of the biggest advantages is that people playing outdoor games remain active and healthy rather acting as lazy couch potatoes.

A new study has found that though active gaming is the best, its benefit can be nullified at the time when people take high calorie diet while playing it. Lead researcher Dr. Elizabeth Lyons from the University of Texas, said that people, who play active gaming consumes 376 more calories than they burn.

On the other side, inactive group consumes 650 calories. Lyons said that additional consumption of calories do not show instantly, but are evident after a time. "There have been a couple of studies that have shown that TV watching and video playing increase eating, and they increase eating when compared to doing nothing", further affirmed Lyons.

In order to reach at the above given conclusion, the study researchers enrolled 120 experienced gamers and asked them to choose one from three options and those being to watch TV, active video games or any other sedentary game. Assessment revealed that sedentary group ate the most, but active gaming group was also not less.