Dunne Imposes Stricter Rules: Drugs Will Have to Pass Medical Tests

Dunne Imposes Stricter Rules: Drugs Will Have to Pass Medical TestsA leading national drug researcher has proposed that despite implementing stricter rules on party pills, no one has tried to emphasize or considered drugs that have been considered as legally safe. Truly considering then, there are no such drugs which can be looked upon as safe.

It has been reported that yesterday, Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has declared the first ever legislation in the world. Under the terms and conditions of this legislation, producers of the party pills in New Zealand are subjected to provide with evidences, which have been proven medically, regarding the safety of their pills.

By next year, this law will be effective and then, all such products will be banned from sale. Only after medical tests prove that the substance or product has no or low risks, will be the ones that will be permitted to be sold in market.

Nevertheless, it has been announces that the Health Ministry will have a new unit, in which all these drugs will be examined again before being sent into market.

"We'll be looking for evidence of the pharmacology and toxicology risks involved and we'll be looking for evidence of clinical trials. It won't be a sort of once-over-lightly process", Mr. Dunne said.