Charity Helping Cancer Patients Get New Clothes

Cancer-PatientLife is already tough for the ones, who are fighting their cancers but relying on charity for new clothes is making the situation even worst for all such patients.

Yes, a new report has bought out the fact that a majority of cancer patients, who gain or lose weight during their treatment, are being helped by only charities for their new clothes.

The above figures were released by Macmillan Cancer Support, in which the charity revealed that 43 percent cancer sufferers in Berkshire are applying for grants from the charity to get cash to buy new clothing for them.

Totaling the figures cleared that the charities are providing huge clothing grants to the patients. Almost £10,885 is being provided to 76 Berkshire people, which counts £143.22 per person. The amounts disclosed are definitely not less to pay for the charities. Rather these are even heavier than other payments like fuel or public transport to cover hospital travel costs.

Weight is majorly affected in a cancer treatment. In many cases the chemotherapy drugs, steroids, and hormonal therapies cause weight loss whereas in some the body gains weight. This common symptom often forces patients to frequently change their clothing sizes and thus they start demanding new clothes to comfortably accommodate their abdominal swellings and colostomy bags. Tesco Stores are helping big and so should all.