Flu on Decline in Marlborough and Nelson

Flu on Decline in Marlborough and NelsonGood news for people living in Marlborough and Nelson is that a few people seem to be getting down with flu in comparison to other parts of the country.

Doctors have said that since the start of this month, they have not seen many people coming with symptoms of flu and till now, only two people have been from Canterbury have been found to be diagnosed with flu.

Medical officer Ed Kiddle said that though the number is on decline, he predicts that Christchurch outbreak will have an impact on the region. By which he means that number of people suffering from flu will rise.

Lance Jennings, who is the virologist at Christchurch Hospital, said that they have witnessing flu outbreak at full circle. He further affirmed there are chances were there will be no place in hospitals to admit people suffering from flu. But he was found to be happy to see a decline in the cases in Marlborough and Nelson.

"The positive news out of this is that people in Nelson-Marlborough still have an opportunity to get vaccinated, which normally runs to the end of July", he affirmed. Flu vaccination is said to be free for people in the community.