Health Ministry to Go Stricter On Rules for Approval of Party Pills

Health Ministry to Go Stricter On Rules for Approval of Party PillsRecently a law has been approved by Cabinet, under which distributors and manufacturers of party pills and fake cannabis will have to provide evidences that the product is safe. The product will be undergoing medical tests before being launched into the market for sale.

This year itself, the law will be put forth the Parliament and by the middle of the next year, it is expected to be effective and hence, the producers and manufacturers will have to assist a proof along with their product.

Today, Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne declared: "Under the new psychoactive substances drug law, all party pills and fake cannabis products will be taken off the market next year while they are tested".

Mr. Dunne emphasized that if the drug will not be able to clear the medical tests, then it will be completely banned from the market.

Further, he announced that within the Ministry of Health, a new regulatory body will be set up, which would be responsible for granting permission to the drugs to be sold in the market.

He claimed that the process will be similar to which the new medicines have to undergo, manufactures or distributors of the drug will have to register themselves with the regulator and also will have to provide the proofs.