UK Teenagers Blamed For an Increase in Hospitalization Rates

Foreign-and-Commonwealth-OfficeForeign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has blamed UK teenagers, spending their holidays in Mallorca and Ibiza, behind the sudden and drastic increase in number of tourists being hospitalized in the island region.

It has been reported that since the past two years, there has been a major increase in hospitalization rates in the Spanish islands, with Mallorca accounting for a 132% increase and Ibiza has administered an increase by 40%.

Further, it has been unveiled that out of 70 cases registered in a week; more than 10 cases are of British people being hospitalized around the globe, addressed FCO.

While holidaying in these Spanish islands, many of the teenagers either fall severely sick or hurt themselves during an accident, while partying around and getting high, due to drugs or drinking in excess.

FCO emphasized that the figures have already touched, and expected to be more, as these figures include only those cases administered in Spanish consulate.

FCO said, “It has seen a recent change in the demographic of people travelling to Ibiza and Mallorca, with more young people in their late teens around going on holiday without their parents for the first time”.

Hence, these teenagers have no fear, as there is no elder to look after them. As a consequence, they have become more of risk-takers.