Doctors re-join Talks over Pension Dispute

PensionA new twist has come in the doctor’s pension dispute with government officials and doctors’ leader’s re-entry and their decision to hold talks over the matter once again.

The announcements came after the leaders of the British Medical Association held a meeting this Thursday and came out with the conclusion of making a re-entry into the issue to talk with the government and discuss the issue of their pension changes.

The decision has not only bought some fresh energy to the dispute but has also lifted the threat of industrial action.

Now, the dispute will see BMA accompanying other health unions while debating over the changes that have been decided to be made to the NHS scheme.

Since June 21, the region is witnessing the effect of the dispute as doctors across the UK have boycotted non-urgent care. Their action has troubled all those thousands of non-emergency operations that were appointed but were cancelled due to their tough decisions. Surgeries like knee and hip replacements etc were the common ones that were affected.

The issue of dispute is government's plan of reforming the NHS pension. They are demanding the doctors and other higher earners to contribute more towards the pension amount from their salaries and also work for longer hours than earlier. Soon, a decision in the matter is expected.