Female Genital Mutilation is Widespread in Europe

Female Genital Mutilation is Widespread in EuropeEven today also, Female Genital Mutilation is a common problem in Europe with a large number of women suffering from pain and pregnancy complications. Recently many of the FGM practitioners have been sent to jail.

The FGM is a process in which either a part of the clitoris is cut away else most of its brutal is damaged. The exposed female genitalia, is slashed due to which only a small opening is left for urination and menstruation.

The complications of this procedure are so severe that these can sometimes even take the life of a woman. It becomes highly painful for her to maintain sexual relationships and child delivery is just heartbreaking.

Fatou was a child when she was mutilated. As a grown up girl, she experienced poor sex life and when gave birth to her son, a lot of complications came her way. Few months back, she finally had reconstructive surgery and now after a long time, she feels like a complete woman.

According to investigations, in Europe many migrant families consider Genital Mutilation as a ritual and they therefore send their young daughters to Britain for the obnoxious removal of the same. In addition, various African communities too prefer to bring their girls to Europe for this process because the country is known to be quite broad-minded in this regard.