Australian Sunscreens Carrying Nano-Particles, say reports

Australian Sunscreens Carrying Nano-Particles, say reportsAs per reports, it has been revealed that Australian sunscreen companies have been found to be secretly carrying nano particles in their products. An investigation was being done and from there it got revealed that about 10 sunscreens were having nano particles.

For now, risks and benefits have not being proved in regard to nano-particles. However, main concern is that big companies, which have sweated of not having nano particles in their product are said to be having it.

An investigation was being conducted when a complaint was being registered in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). The complaint was of the nature that suppliers have been misleading people by using nano particles in them.

Dr. Gregory Crocetti, who is a nanotechnology campaigner, said, "We've recently acquired detailed product information about this ingredient, zinc oxide neutral, which shows that this ingredient is based on agglomerates, or clumps, of nano-particles".

Companies were contacted, which said that they had not used nano-particles in their products. One of the companies Ross Cosmetics said that they have not ditched their customers, as they have used oxide neutral, which are nano-free. The investigation result has led to reach at a conclusion that there is a need to have strict regulations.