Superheroes Can Help Kids in Following Healthy Diet Plan

Superheroes Can Help Kids in Following Healthy Diet PlanThere is good news for the parents who have been trying hard to get their children eat healthy meal. A recent research has found that when children are enticed to eat fruits and vegetables by asking them `what superheroes eat?' they tend to choose vegetable and fruits over junk food.

The research was conducted by the researchers of Cornell University. For the research, the researchers exposed 22 children to the photographs of superheroes. Later they were asked what their superheroes would eat French fries or apple fries. The majority of the kids said that their superheroes would eat apple fires and thus they also would like to have apple fries.

However, if the children are not encouraged to have apple fries then only a small percentage of the children consumed apple fries. The findings of the research have been published in the journals Pediatric Obesity and Clinical Nutrition.

The researchers are hopeful that the findings would help in encouraging kids to go for healthy meal. Childhood obesity has been linked to life threatening diseases like stroke and diabetes. Kids are required to be made aware about the health risks associated with overeating and obesity.