Religious Beliefs Strongly linked to High BMI, Study Reveals

Religious BMIA bizarre conclusion has been released by Southern Cross University researchers, who are claiming that obesity is somehow related to a person’s religious beliefs.

They say that a person’s body mass index (BMI) is totally based on what his religion is. BMI is a way of calculating body fat of a person in terms of height and weight.

The Household Income Labour Dynamics survey conducted by a collaboration of the Southern Cross Business School members and University of New England team has found that weights of people of some faith differed from that of non-believers.

Including some 9,408 adults of ages 18 years and above in the survey, the team strangely discovered that Baptist and Catholic men were obese as compared to other religious folk. Also, Hindu, Islamic and Buddhist women were fatter than those who did not believe in a religion.

Published in the Journal of Religion and Health, the review has revealed a negative relationship between religion and BMI. However, no link between the two was seen in Australia.

“Whatever the rationale, there appears to be sound grounds for investigating further the relationship between religiosity and BMI in the Australian social context”, said Dr. Michael Kortt, a researcher.