Yoga helps stroke victims regain balance: study

Yoga helps stroke victims regain balance: study Yoga is one of the best ways to regain balance and maintain independence following a stroke attack, according to a new study carried out by Roudebush Veterans Administration-Medical Center researchers.

A team of researchers led by Dr. Arlene Schmid team surveyed 47 male stroke victims. They divided the stroke victims into three groups. The first group was made to practice yoga twice a week, the second group to practice yoga twice a week along with a relaxation exercise, while the third group was given typical medical treatment.

After eight weeks, researchers found stroke victims who performed yoga had gained significantly better balance than those who had received just standard medical treatment. Those who performed yoga regularly also started feeling greater independence as well as better overall quality of life.

Lead researcher Dr. Schmid said she said yoga brings better overall quality of life because it is complex and includes the mind as well as the body.

Speaking about the findings, she added, "Many of the [participants] stated they wished they had done this type of intervention while in the hospital or just earlier in their life."

Yoga enables regular performers to use the breathing and meditation to decrease their stress levels significantly.

The study published in recent issue of the American Heart Associations journal Stroke.