Workers Protest against Plans of Regional Pay

Workers Protest against Plans of Regional PayProtesters have all stood up together against the proposal of introducing regional pay in the NHS in the South West as they claim it to be marking the start of nothing else but privatization.

In context to same, medical staff, which demonstrated in Exeter earlier as well, once again has started their protest because they fear that the new plans will directly affect the staff members working and will immediately lead to problems of staff shortages, which will further endanger patients admitted in the facility and their health.

Twenty trusts in the region have decided to work with newer plans recommending imposition of longer working hours and cutting down the salary and their leave numbers as well but all this is being done to safeguard their future, say a spokesman for the Devon Partnership NHS Trust, which is also one of the 20 trusts following the path.

Similar are not the views of the health workers across the entire region. Standing against the new laws, a big number of workers gathered at Wonford House Hospital in Exeter to lobby Devon Partnership NHS Trust’s members immediately upon their arrival for a board meeting.

Mr. Sue Orwin, of Unison, said: "Ultimately this is a proposal to slash pay terms and conditions for staff, staff that work extremely hard”.