Need to Teach Benefits of Exercising to Medical Schools Students

Need to Teach Benefits of Exercising to Medical Schools StudentsExercising and more of physical activities serve a human body with innumerable benefits. But are the future medical professionals being taught about the activity benefits in their medical school classes?

BBC News reports NO! The agency recently ran a survey over several medical schools in UK to know if the students are being thoroughly taught about the health benefits of physical activities or no. The results really shocked them because the so-called alarming findings found very less about the guidelines of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) on physical activity being taught to students in schools.

Almost 44% schools showed a widespread omission of basic teaching elements including the CMO guidelines while teaching their students.

Based upon the findings of the survey, The Daily Telegraph claimed, “Doctors are failing to advise patients on the benefits of exercise because its teaching is ‘sparse or non-existent’ in medical schools”.

A similar concern was earlier also shown by same authors, who led the above study recently, in which they highlighted the same issue and along with also presented the exercise recommendations from 39 national guidelines.

They urged that the medical professionals must follow their jobs sincerely and they should promote exercises and physical activities among their patients to lesser the risks of several chronic diseases like heart diseases etc.