Computer Game Promises To Deal With Teen Depression

Computer Game Promises To Deal With Teen DepressionA recent report unveiled how computer games can address adolescent depression. It has been claimed that the SPARX video game has been targeted to make teenagers cope up with acute painful moments of their life with the help of a novel psychological approach known as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

"You can deal with mental health problems in a way that doesn't have to be deadly serious", said Project leader Sally Merry, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Auckland University. "The therapy doesn't have to be depressing in and of itself. We're aiming to make it fun".

Under the game, user become a warrior and strikes the negative thoughts, thereby saving himself from becoming victim to negativity and depression. With New Zealand at the receiving end of being the highest youth suicide rates in the developed countries, it had become all the more serious to address the underlying issue before its gets too late beyond repair.

There are some 75% to 80% of cases in adolescents which fail to get the deserving treatment, thereby instigating range of problems in teens, including social isolation etc. There is dire need to make sure that such issues are being dealt with utmost care so that teens are being given the best possible treatment at the right time.

The game has caught attention of countries including the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia, and there are expectations that it would be able to make a lot of different in dealing with depression.