UK Proposes To Bring About System of Electronic Health Records

electronic-healthThe UK has proposed that it will make major efforts to help improve the status of health care, following which, it has been declared that health research centre of excellence will be built at Dundee.

Like Australia, even UK has planned to bring in the system of electronic health records, which will thus have a significant effect on health of the patients and the care provided to them and also on public health.

Hence, UK will set up four major centers that will take control over the system and Dundee center has been reported to be one of them.

A group of UK government and charity funders have already sanctioned a total sum of £19m for the centers to be established.

It is being believed that if clinical, social and research data are effectively considered as one, then it would bring about major changes in the medical field, with improved technologies and treatments, declining mortality rates and also risks.

Edinburgh, Strathclyde and Dundee universities will also be sanctioned more funds so that they can use it to enhance the academics and this will also help them to experiment their proposals at the market level. It is being expected that the four centers will be opened approximately at the end of 2012.