Teeth Are Sign of Woman’s Age, Says Study

Teeth Are Sign of Woman’s Age, Says StudyWhite sparkling a set of teeth and evenly spaced have always added to the personality of a person, be it a woman or a man. However, in case of women, teeth make her look more attractive.

The findings in a recent study suggest that teeth are also a sign that tells more about a woman's age and how long will it take her to reach her menopause.

Researchers of the study from the University of Leeds and Central Lancashire have suggested that teeth in good condition are a symbol that the person is experiencing good health and is also looked upon as a major genetic quality that is considered as important while choosing a mate.

During the course of the study researchers brought about a few changes in the color and spacing of the teeth of models images. The color pattern was set as yellowish brown, white and sparkling white.

The modified images were then shown to 150 young men and women and they were asked to put down their opinions regarding the attractiveness of the model, after viewing the image.

Majority of the found yellowish brown teeth least attractive, similar was the case of teeth that were widely spaced.

Psychologist Colin Hendrie said, "There's difference when men and women both are looking at females. Males are thinking about attraction and females are in competition".