CEO of Alberta Health Services Steps Down

CEO of Alberta Health Services Steps DownHealth Minister Fred Horne has recently announced that Sheila Weatherill, who was the CEO of Capital Health at the Alberta Health Services board, has stepped down from the post. Horne said that it was not that he was not aware of his resignation, as Weatherill offered him the resignation and he accepted it.

"She felt the reputation of Alberta Health Services and, even more importantly, public confidence in our health care system was the most important thing", said Horne.

A lot many questions were raised when it got revealed that Weatherill has resigned. It seems that she might have been aware of the condition, and that was the reason that she left a note saying that a lot many questions were raised in regard to the expenses that have been made during her tenure.

However, she would like to establish that genuine expenditure was being made at the Capital Health. Proper polices were there for the Capital Health and the same were being followed as well. Even if comparisons are being done then also their expenditure are equal to other public sector organizations.

One thing that has been making people raise their eye brows is Weatherill's resignation soon after it got revealed that she has given green signal for the expenditure by Captial Health.