Novartis to Fund University of Pennsylvania for Therapies against Cancer

NovartisNovartis will be setting up a new center for research at University of Pennsylvania, for which it will be granting $20 million. The center will be working to provide with an advanced bioengineered immune system that will help fight against cancer.

The Swiss drug company asserted that the university has recently come up with significant results in case of treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Hence, it could have been a better deal to collaborate with the university and commercialize the therapy.

Researchers from the University have now been included in a list of superior academics, which are in agreement with the drugmaker and also other major drugmakers on commercializing what has been discovered at the laboratory levels.

This will surely be an advantage for the pharmaceutical industries as they will have an access to advanced and major techniques and discoveries and will be able to able to transform the findings into drugs early.

Currently, Novartis has signed a deal with a professor of pathology at the university, Dr. Carl June. The company will be finding for his research, which includes modification of the T cells of CLL patients, without any bone marrow transplant and thus, the disease has been noticed to be declining.