AMA Questions Govt’s Aged Care Reforms

Aged-CareAs per reports, it has been revealed that the Australian Medical Association (AMA) is not happy with the Federal Government’s conduct on Living Longer Living Stronger Aged Care Reform. The AMA has pointed out that the government is not taking out the policies as it should have been.

One of the biggest loopholes being pointed out by the AMA is that importance is not given to medical needs for elderly. Its officials further affirmed that policies have been announced, but no specific allotment of funds has been done.

Mark Butler, who is Minister for Ageing, was of the view at the time of announcement of the policy that it would be quite beneficial for elderly living in Australia. In total, $3.7 billion will be provided in five years, but the AMA was of the view that there has not been any division yet.

“This is a very complex, multi-layered policy and it has many implementation challenges, but I'm confident that it has strong community support”, said Butler.

Peter Shergold, who is chairing the Aged Form Reform Implementation Council, was of the view that he has seen the document in detail. After assessing the document, he was of the view that the age care facilities will be beneficial.