Turkish PM for scraping visa requirements for Saudi Arabia

Travelling between Turkey and Saudi Arabia Travelling between Turkey and Saudi Arabia can be easy and hassle free if the suggestions made by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan materialize. The Prime Minister, speaking at a luncheon attended by Turkish and Saudi businessmen in Riyadh, asked for the need to lift visa requirements between two nations for enhancing people to people contact and business opportunities.

The PM added, "Turkey has lifted visa requirement with Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. We are working to lift visa requirements with Russia."

The move, according to the Prime Minister, can open new doors of growth in tourism, hospitality and overall trade development. However, the PM ruled out the possibility of change in the foreign policy of Turkey toward nations such as Bulgaria, Syria, Jordan, Russia and Saudi Arabia. The country would continue to develop friendly relations with all the nations despite some issues.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Prime Minister, reminding country's upgraded rating by international credit agency Moody's Investors Service, urged the Saudi businessmen to tap growing opportunities in the nation and become the part of its growth stories.