Social Engagement Equally Important As Education For Kids

Social Engagement Equally Important As Education For KidsWhile there is no doubt that health is important for a good life, importance of relations cannot be ignored either and that's what has been said by a team from New Zealand has to say. It was only after the team including Associate Professor Craig Olsson from Deakin University in Australia examined data from the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study that it was being reflected that good relations are imperative in childhood and adolescence.

Though education has a lot to do to develop an individual, it has been claimed that social engagement is required too, to make one a lot stronger. "Our findings show that social connectedness is a more important pathway to adult wellbeing (as we have defined it) than academic ability", said the report in the Journal of Happiness Studies, which reflected a weak relation between academic achievement and later wellbeing. The team defines wellbeing in adulthood in terms of social engagement, prosocial values, and positive coping, which are a must for a healthy life.

There are high expectations that this underlying theory would be able to shed more light on what all is required to be done to have a healthy life, whose definition has changed over a period of time.