Blood Test For Alzheimer’s

Blood Test For Alzheimer’sThe time isn't far when patients with Alzheimer's disease would asked to go for blood test. The diagnosis of Alzheimer's is hard and therefore timely care isn't provided to the patients. Recently, a group of researchers has marked proteins that can tell whether a person is affected with Alzheimer's or not.

The researchers of Pennsylvania and Washington Universities have been studying the proteins to find a reliable blood test that could help in detecting Alzheimer's cases. The lead author of the study, lead author William Hu was reported saying, "Reliability and failure to replicate initial results have been the biggest challenge in this field. We demonstrate here that it is possible to show consistent findings".

For the study, the researchers recruited Alzheimer patients. During the study, the researchers found as many as 190 proteins which were different as compared to non-Alzheimer's patients. However, during further investigation, it was found that four proteins- apolipoprotein E, B-type natriuretic peptide, C-reactive protein and pancreatic polypeptide can help in diagnosing patients with Alzheimer's. It is hoped that findings of researchers would help in developing blood tests for Alzheimer's patients. At present, no tests are available which could diagnose Alzheimer's disease.