Temporary Ban on Synthetic Cannabis Extended

Temporary Ban on Synthetic Cannabis ExtendedHe wants things to get in a perfect law and order condition and this is the reason that Associate Minister of Health Peter Dunne has decided to extend temporary ban on 16 substances of synthetic cannabis to increase by another one more year.

One more week is remaining, but he has announced the extension news, so that the effects get even stronger. "By this time next year we'll have the new legislation in place where the onus of proof will be shifted to the manufacturers and suppliers", affirmed Dunne.

A permanent decision on whether to take off the drug permanently has to be taken, but it seems that Dunne has already decided the fate of 16 drug substances. Dunne said that he would be opting strict role for other drugs as well and would extend the ban at the time when their expiry dates comes near.

There are many new decisions that have been taken by Dunne and those being that manufacturers of synthetic cannabis products now have to provide a toxicology data as well as a report, which shows trials of their products on humans.

This means that they have to prove the safety of their product and then it will be considered that their product should be given approval or not.