Sammy Seal Discovered in a Residence Garden

Sammy Seal Discovered in a Residence GardenIn a rare instance, a seal pup has made its way up to a residence on Charles St. The news came when the property owner Mr. Geoffery Clark noticed the sneaky seal pup Sammy in the garden of his Westshore property at around
9.30 a. m. when he heard an unusual noise coming from the bushes.

He doubts that his unexpected guest waited out bad weather in his gardens yesterday night and is trying to give his guest the best privacy.

"He came ashore overnight [on Saturday]. He went in under a gate, and onto the property on Charles St, he's just been there in the corner of the garden", he said.

Sammy have heaved itself approx 60m from the shoreline. Only half a metre fur seal is still resting in the garden and the resident adds that he will not disturb it until he cites any emergency situation or so.

Regarding the situation, DoC Community Relations Manager Ms. Barbara Curtis suggested not to disturb the water mammal as they have extremely quick reactions and razor sharp teeth, which can cause a serious damage to a person.

She explained that seals generally head towards land to rest and thus she added that they must not be disturbed and should be left well alone.