FDA’s letter to Hershey Co. makes them change labels of two products

FDA’s letter to Hershey Co. makes them change labels of two productsA letter sent to Hershey Co. by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration regarding misbranded information on two Hershey's Syrup products.

The letter which was sent on Feburary 14 by the FDA states that Hershey's Syrup + Calcium and its Sugar Free Syrup with Vitamin & Mineral Fortification violated federal law because the nutritional content listed on the labels did not meet the guidelines needed according to the claims made by the company.

The FDA posted the letter on its website recently saying that the company shouldn't use the words "plus" and "fortification" on the labels. Responding quickly to FDA's warning, Hershey Co made the required changes to the labels of its products, said a spokesman from the company, Jeff Beckman. With the changes having being made, the product labels no read Hershey's Syrup with Calcium and Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup.

Adding about the made changes, Beckman said, "It came down to a matter of the FDA believing that the chocolate syrup is a snack food, and that we believe it is more accurately categorized as a milk modifier, similar to products such as Ovaltine and Nesquik that have been fortified for decades."